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Los Angeles based Writer/Producer/Director, Karen Inwood Somers relates how "Lasting Love" came to be….

"The original concept was sparked from a conversation I had with one of the couples who are now on the show - Sol and Martha Sigall. I had been divorced once and stayed single for several years after that. However, I had fallen in love again. I was worried that if I got married for the second time, I would make the same mistakes. It was my conversation with Sol and Martha that turned it around for me. They were very encouraging. Sol shared some of his and Martha's "secrets" to the lasting love they had created in their life together. Thanks to their inspiration, I got married again. I also created this show to give other people like me some hope.

American Greetings completed the opportunity by underwriting Lasting Love. We're proud to be working with American Greetings on this project.

P.S. The advise our couples share on the show works - I'm still happily married."

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Secrets To Lasting Love