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Divorce Mythology

John Gottman, Ph. D.

There are a number of psychologists and psychiatrists who have suggested that what's responsible for the huge divorce rate is really extramarital affairs and that's what kills relationships. In fact, eighty percent of the couples are saying what created the divorce was that they drifted apart emotionally, a deterioration of the friendship and the marriage. They wanted different things, different goals, different lifestyles. And that's what's responsible. Almost all of them say that extramarital affairs are primarily not about sex. They're really about finding somebody who finds you interesting, wants to talk to you, you can confide in. Sex is secondary. So it's a myth that extramarital affairs are the major cause of divorce.

Reverend Nirvana Gayle

We've been through financial stuff, we've been through relationship stuff, we've been through the infidelity thing, we've been through my father dying. You name it, but each of those things hold us closer together. We had a belief that those things are only coming up for us to grow. And I'm not a wimp, I'm not a coward, I'm not going to turn and tuck my tail between my legs and run at the first sign of trouble.