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Influencing Each Other

John Gottman, Ph.D.

The only way to be powerful in a relationship is to be capable of being influenced. If you can be influenced on some things but not others you become very powerful. You become reasonable. There's give and take. There's negotiation. You know there's no negotiation if there's a fixed stand and people can't be influenced at all the men who really accept influence from their wives are very powerful men in their relationship

Reverend Nirvana Gayle

I tend to be sort of out there. You know kind of, out on the edge, bold and really stretching the envelope. Conservative is not a word that one would use in describing me in any fashion, form or shape about anything. And, she (Deborah Gayle) tends to be a bit more conservative than I am. So within the framework, it's good balance, so that when I get too far out there, she sort of checks and pulls me back. And when she's hanging too far back, I sort of pull her out.