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Honoring Your Partner's Dreams

John Gottman, Ph.D.

Honoring your partner's dream is really critical because usually it's not your dream. It's not what you want. And people have to realize that there's no percentage in having a relationship where you crushed your partner's dreams. On the contrary. If you know your partner's dreams the relationship just moves forward in leaps and bounds because this intimacy builds. It's a matter of respect, knowing and nurturance about your partner's dreams.

Maria Kaj

I never wanted to have children. I was adamantly against having children. There was no way. You could not drag me kicking and screaming to ever have children. I was not going to be a housewife. The concept of barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen that was not gonna be me so therefore, we were not going to have children. That was the end of it, period, no discussion on it.

Karin Kaj

So imagine my surprise when in her early thirties she said, "You know what? I think I want to have kids." After I scraped my jaw back up off the floor I said, "OK".

Maria Kaj

She was there at conception. She was there at pregnancy. She was there at the birth and she's then surprised me by saying, "OK, if you're going to have the baby, then I'll stay at home and leave work." That was when my jaw hit the floor.